Let our 3d Avatars to present products or services of your company.

The technology evolves with demands. The avatars are here to give you the possibility of a unique online presence.

We have developed several video avatars that can practically replace actors and actresses.
More characters are coming.

We can speak in following languages: English USA, English British, Australian accent, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Indian English, Italian, and much more. We will update all languages later.

Bonuses to the first 50 customers

1) Create a right title for the video we produce. Create description and tags for it as well. You will need all that if you want to publish video on public sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms.

2) Create attention grabbing thumbnail for this video.

3) Publish your video on all our social media websites and tag you in the description. Basically, you”ll get a shout out.
4) If you need a professional Youtube background, we will make it for you.

The value of theses bonuses is $200.00. But because we are creating a portfolio for ourselves and we want a 5-star review from you, we give all that for free.


Our prices designed to help your business flourish financially and help you get a better visibility online.
Right now the deal is for one (1) speaking avatar in one (1) preferred language.

The cost is $99.00 for up to one (1) minute of talk with one simple background such as video or image.

Studio, music, titles, and transitions are additional cost.

We can add even your voice if you wish.

Lucy, Mary, Robert, Tina, Don, Cris, Kurt
Choose your avatar

For the first time, we offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason we cannot satisfy you with the video we produce for you, request money back, and no questions asked GUARANTEED