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Meet the video tool that connects you with your clients and makes you able to create personalized videos for each person, that are more shared and convert as never before.

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It is a convenient option that can fit within any campaign budget

Attract each one of your clients based on their data, profile and situation

The opportunities are countless be able to reach thousands of clients

Create personalized videos incredibly easy and fast


Videos are much more approachable and easier to understand than text 75% of people who saw a sort of explanation video consequently became customers. So that’s why it can help boost your sales



Reconnect with your customers, personalized video helps hit prospects and clients to make them closer to the brand, when people feel connected with a company they’re more likely to keep buying. 


Capture the attention of your customers from the first moment, with a video that speaks directly to each of your customers so they will stay with you for longer.

57% of customers are ok providing personal information on a website as long as it’s for their benefit and being used in responsible ways

54% of customers would end loyalty relationships if they are not given personalized offers

75% of customers purchase more when they see personalized video

Emails with personalized video boast 25% higher open rates and 51% higher click rates

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