Different special effects can refocus attention, can help memorize images on subconscious level which will create much higher conversion of your marketing message.

We can create transitions, overlays, intros and outros that can help your video capture more customers.

Effective Transitions…

These put in between chapters or between sentences to keep your viewer attention.

road effects


These rock! They will put you apart of your competition right away!


This is an example of call to action.

We have several different ways to show this. All will be optimized FOR YOUR BUSINESS or product.

orange call to action

Outro is important too. You need to be remembered. There is a chance to show your logo again or possible a product. Or simple intrigue your viewer, so they want to click on the link to see more. It can also include call to action.

animated url

Overlay is a layer that goes on top of your video and adds effect to some piece of the video. This helps accent some text, chapter or refocus attention to some important message. It could be simple color or an animation. All that is great way to keep your viewer watch a video to the end.

old movie overlay

overlay arrow